Saturday, April 30, 2011


The song I listen to in preparation for my trip...only because it talks about Africa :)

Now I just have to get there...

Well. I have a blog. Cool. This was made so I can share all of my wonderful adventures in Zambia with everyone that I love...also because I am terrible at journaling and will forget some of the awesome things that occur if I do not write about them then and there. So yes. For your enjoyment, my life will be recorded and shared via internet. *round of applause* And yes, at time it will be just as cheesy as I am in real life but there will also be times where it very well could be sad. I am trying to prepare myself. 

So in less than 3 weeks I will be in Zambia, Africa at the place where Harding people go. I will be working with the babies and toddlers in the orphanage called the Haven, which is sort of connected to Harding. I am not 100% sure. While I am there I will also be doing research on the babies milestones and if certain assessments can be used for American babies as well as them. I am so excited to be given the chance of a lifetime to travel over there. I will also be with an amazing group of students and teachers that I know I will learn so much from. Bring it on Africa. I am ready. 18 hour I come...well in like 2ish weeks...

So I hope you enjoy hearing about my wonderful travels and please continue to keep our group and our work in your prayers. Thank you so much!